Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Marking post - the sixth.

6:52pm: It all has to get done, so, now it's gonna get done! Onto question #7 -- which, apparently, over 2/3 of the students did.

7:20pm: Okay, if the question says "critically evaluate", wouldn't one expect some, I don't know, critical evaluation? I would, but apparently I'm crazy.

8:08pm: Wow. That took forever. And, I note that the next question was done by... 1 person. Jeez. And the question after that was done by... apparently about thirty people again. What the hell, eh?

8:29pm: Okay, here we go. Question #9.

9:26pm: I'm clearly slowing down here. These are taking longer. However, it seems that the remaining four questions after I get done with this one don't have nearly as many fans. Hence, each question should go faster. (What's shocking is that I haven't yet got a final grade for anyone -- means no one just did the first five short-answer questions. Bizarre.)

9:47pm: Okay, #9 is done. Final marks thus far are looking all right -- I've already got 16% over the C+ hump, and only one exam is completely marked. I need to get half the class over the hump before I'm done. There's a number of C's and D+'s that I suspect will bump upwards.

10:31pm: Okay, Q#10 is done, and I realized a problem. I need to get them over the B hump, not the C+! I may have to bump up the essay grades to get things better. Crap.

10:42pm: Q#11 done.

11:00pm: Q#12 done. I'm really thinking that this isn't going to turn around as I need it to, which means I'm going to have to revisit Q#2 and #3 and try to bump the marks up. These are the questions with the lowest averages, hence the ones that can make the most difference to my overall balances.

11:20pm: Q#13 done.

12:30am: Q#14 done. Adjusted the grades a little, but I've become confused about how the distribution should be falling. Will call prof in the morning to check, then adjust and enter final grades. Wahoo!

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