Monday, June 26, 2006

John Tory and the Toronto agenda.

See here.

Let's face it: barring a major realignment in the nature of provincial elections in this country, there's always going to be more hay to be made by playing to the sticks than to the cities. The rural regions represent more seats for fewer people, so fewer must be convinced to vote for one's party in order to get into government. Moreover, you can't get into government, at least in Ontario, by just winning the cities. You can (although not majority) by winning the rural areas.

So, what impetus is there on Tory to try to win Toronto? Well, he may be looking for a majority. That's one. But, why else should he care? Mike Harris won, if memory serves, two back-to-back majorities by bashing Toronto and the other cities throughout southwestern Ontario, and successfully ruined them for at least a decade. Dalton McGuinty has, as far as I can see, done jack-squat to improve matters, but is that really any reason to shift focus to John Tory?

It strikes me that the Toronto media are playing the same game with the Ontario PC Party that the national media played with the federal Cons -- namely, bash the Liberals, ignore the NDP, and pretend that the far-right tendencies infecting Canada's conservative parties are really the historical centre-right tendencies that we're all used to.

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