Monday, June 26, 2006

Harry Potter speculation.

According to this, JK Rowling is planning to kill off two major characters in the last Harry Potter novel. The article speculates that it could be Harry. While this is possible, I doubt it. Harry's been going through a pretty standard "coming of age" story, and if he dies at the end, the archetype goes out the window.

I suspect that one of the characters will be Snape. Frankly, given what he did in the 6th book, I don't see any other way out. If it turns out he really did betray Dumbledore, then that means Dumbledore was wrong and Harry right from the very first book -- which makes no sense, as Dumbledore is always right. So, Snape has to be a good guy. However, since he's now walked into a figurative lion's den, he's probably not going to make it out alive. I suspect a heroic sacrifice to finally redeem himself in Harry's eyes and pay back whatever debt he feels he owes to Harry's mother from their own schooldays.

As for the other, it's a tough call. I thought maybe Draco, but his archetype seems to me to be more the redeemed traitor -- rather like Snape, but his redemption hasn't yet come. So, to have Draco redeem himself and then die would be fairly cheap. Thus, I doubt it's Draco.

I'm also ruling out the remaining teachers -- I mean, really, why kill them? So, it's really down to our two remaining central figures: Hermione and Ron. I kind of like the dramatic symmetry of the best friend sacrificing himself to save his friends, so, I'm voting for Ron as number two.

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